Our Treatments

Assertive Community Treatment:

The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams provide comprehensive, community-based, psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, and support to persons with serious and persistent mental illness. ACT clients often have co-occurring problems with addiction, homelessness, criminal justice involvement, physical illness, and violent victimization. ACT teams embrace the nationally established Evidence Based Practice Model for ACT and achieve a high level of fidelity to the model. Teams are composed of a psychiatrist, nurse, licensed team supervisor, a peer support specialist, and rehabilitation support staff. Staff may develop sub-specialties in group services, substance abuse treatment, forensic services, parenting interventions, and vocational rehabilitation. ACT teams have small caseloads and work as a tight knit interdisciplinary unit to create opportunities for growth and recovery.

Community Support Treatment:

We provide comprehensive and integrated mental health services for clients who have mental health problems and may have co-occurring problems of addiction, homelessness, medical illness, and violent victimization. Integrated clinical services include: diagnostic assessment, community support, care coordination, therapy, and liaison with psychiatric services. Community Support specialists provide direct care and coordinate services to help clients achieve their recovery goals.

Crisis Services:

The Community Connections Crisis Service Team is responsible for providing comprehensive crisis services after 5 pm, on weekends, and holidays to all clients receiving services at Community Connections. This allows us to respond to crises as they happen, ensuring the safety of all our clients. Our main goals are to prevent crises, stabilize emergent situations, and reduce use of city emergency services such as 911 or hospital emergency rooms. The Crisis Service Team currently consists of trained mental health clinicians, supervised by a Licensed Clinical Supervisor.

Day Rehabilitation Services Program:

The Day Rehabilitation Services Program (DSVC) is a skills training and motivation enhancement program that supports participants in their efforts to change lifestyle, overcome obstacles, recover their lives, and experience empowerment. We believe people with a serious mental illness can recover and are capable of living independent, satisfying lives. Central to that process is the development of skills that will empower the individual to make positive life choices. Program participants work together in a variety of activities to gain or rebuild confidence and the skills necessary for living independently. Participants can expect integrated care with their treatment teams within and outside of Community Connections.

Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic:

The Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic (OBHC) is an interdisciplinary team that serves as the main access point for adult services, and also provides psychotherapy and low-intensity community support for individuals who are seeking assistance with addressing life stressors, managing mental health symptoms more effectively, or healing from trauma. Recognizing that clients need a diverse spectrum of support, the OBHC uses a patient-centered approach to treatment planning and program referral, and lengthens the enrollment and engagement process to better match individuals with programs, interventions, and the appropriate level of care.