Care Providers


Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company, is a leading pharmacy serving the behavioral health and addiction treatment community for more than 15 years. Genoa is an on-site, full-service pharmacy located in the Community Connections main office waiting room. Genoa takes care of many of the medication needs of our clients, including prescriptions written by psychiatrists, primary care providers, or other specialty prescribers, as well as working with treatment teams to coordinate care.

Health Homes

Psychiatry Clinic:

The Community Connections Psychiatric Clinic provides access to Board Certified psychiatrists and nurses. The clinic provides integrated psychiatric care to all interested Community Connections clients (adults, children, and youth) and works closely with their treatment teams. Services provided in the clinic include assessment, medication management, lab work, and nursing services. Psychiatrists and nurses working with the Assertive Community Treatment teams often meet clients in the community.

Psychiatric Clinic